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Love is all you need

Remember the Indie Love Bundle, where we banded together with five other independent developers to create an award-winning games bundle? Well, it’s baaaack and on sale again! And this time it brought along a kid brother, a brand new bundle called the Indie ‘Summer of Love’. What better way to head into fall than to [...]


Smoothness. If there was one aspect of Osmos that we were psychotically obsessed with during development, it was smoothness. Just like driving on freshly laid asphalt, skating on a rink just after the Zamboni has gone by, skiing through light untracked powder, gliding down a trail on a mountain bike with 10 inches of suspension, [...]

Porting Osmos to Linux: A Post-Mortem (part 2/3)

Welcome to the second installment of our three-part Linux post-mortem. Part 1 lay the foundations for the article and where we’re coming from. Today’s post directly addresses the question “What worked and what didn’t?” with a set of ‘pros and cons’ that cropped up during the port. The final post will offer a more nuanced [...]

Porting Osmos to Linux: A Post-Mortem (part 1/3)

A couple of weeks ago, we announced the release of Osmos on Linux. Even before I had finished the port, we had been invited by a few members of the Linux community to do a post-mortem on our experiences. We were asked, “What would have made the port easier?” It was pointed out to us [...]