Ambient Times, Part 1

Posted by on Jul 24, 2009 in IGF, Zen/Ambient Gaming | 2 Comments

We’ve been developing Osmos for quite some time now, and — especially in these last few months — it’s been a very head-down, introspective process in many respects. This level of effort and focus has been intense to say the least, and many activities have fallen by the wayside — including blogging. As a result, […]

We’re not worthy!

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… but thanks Game Tunnel! We agree that it’s too bad you don’t have 30,000 dollars to give us, but we’ll take the pat on the back. You too PixelSocks. And thanks for the very thoughtful writeup/analysis.

After the Rush

Posted by on Mar 30, 2009 in IGF, Love, Osmos | One Comment
After the Rush

The IGF and GDC have come and gone in a giddy and exhausting flash. What a week! While none of the three initial IGF nominations for Osmos came through, our “late horse” — the Direct2Drive Vision Award, whose finalists were announced less than a week before the awards ceremony — came in! We’re really honoured […]

IGF Countdown

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We’ve been buried and busy for a while now prepping for the IGF, and now it’s only a few days away. Time to come up for some sweet, sweet air. Andy and I will arrive in San Francisco on Saturday night, enjoy a little r&r, and get ready for an exciting few days in indie-gaming-wonderland. […]

IGF finalists announced

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We’re all still in a state of shock. Osmos has been chosen as an IGF finalist in three categories! Seumas McNally Grand Prize Excellence in Design Technical Excellence Wow. Needless to say, we’re excited! It’s a real honour to be in the company of some great games and creators. I had already tried and really […]

Hello, Hemi-World.

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Finally, a charming little web-home for Hemisphere Games. Now, with a site, games should start popping up here like mushrooms in a miniature garden. But one step at a time. For starters, let’s prepare for the IGF and Osmos.