Multiplayer only with Google+ Account?

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Multiplayer only with Google+ Account?

Postby Mormegil » Mon Sep 18, 2017 7:16 pm

I just wanted to try the multiplayer, but after connecting to Google Play Games it also asks me to connect to a Google+ Account; when I cancel that request I get back to connecting to Google Play Games and after that again to the Google+ Account, aso.. endless loop
I don't have a Google+ Account (and don't want to create one just to play a game) - does this only work with a Google+-Account?

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Re: Multiplayer only with Google+ Account?

Postby eddybox » Tue Sep 19, 2017 11:42 am

Hi Mormegil,

Sorry about that hassle. Osmos was built using an older version of Google's API, back when a Google+ account was required to use Google Play Games.

Here's a little info from when Google made that change: ... p-process/

In order to fix this we'd need to create a new build, and I'm not sure if/when that may happen. (The platform/tech we built the Android version of Osmos with, Apportable, has died, along with the company that created it.)

If creating a Google+ account is a deal-breaker for you, all I can offer is a refund. If you'd like to go that route, send me an email at


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