Trackpad on macbook pro won't operate Osmos

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Trackpad on macbook pro won't operate Osmos

Postby joysorensen » Fri May 03, 2013 7:47 am

Hello, I'm new to osmos, mac machines, and trackpads. I cannot get my trackpad to work with the game. I finally gave up and used a wireless mouse. I don't mind this, but I think the game would work better with the trackpad, if only... Question: Is osmos supposed to work via the trackpad on my brand new macbook pro? If so, what are the appropriate settings on the machine and in the game to make this actually work? I also bought the game on my iPad, which works perfectly. Note: When I first open osmos on my macbook pro, it's as if the game doesn't recognize that my machine has a trackpad, because it tells me to us my left mouse key, which I don't have. I think the game thinks I have a mouse, when I don't. How can I use my trackpad with the game? Thank you. Joy

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