iOS Wallpapers + Ringtone

Posted by on Jan 21, 2011 in iPhone/iPad, Love, Osmos | 4 Comments

For those of you that missed it, we “bundled” the iPhone version of Osmos with 5 other indie devs’ games during the holidays to raise money for charity. The result: together we raised $35,134.78 for Child’s Play! Needless to say we’re really pleased with this.

During the sale, we put together some free shwag to thank and encourage people to spread the word: Namely, some free Osmos wallpapers and a ringtone. So, in case you missed them, here they are!

iPad lock screen home screen
iPhone4/retina lock screen home screen
iPhone/480×320 lock screen home screen

To install: from your iPhone/iPad, tap on any of the six links above, then tap and hold to save it to your image folder. Then select it in Settings -> Wallpapers. (Note that the lock and home screen selections above are just a suggestion. You can use either/both on whichever screens you like.)

And for those of you that like your ringtones a little… chiller. Here’s a dreamy ringtone from Gas, an excerpt from the track “Discovery” which you may also recognize from the menu screen in Osmos.

Gas Discovery ringtone

Touch to preview on your iPhone/iPad. To install: from your computer, right click (or ctrl+click) to download the file; then in iTunes, drag the file into the Library, select your plugged iPhone, and sync using the Ringtones tab.


  1. Pavke
    January 21, 2011

    Can you fix your RSS feed? I would like to add your blog to Google Reader but it looks like your feeds are broke. Other than that, thanks for the wallpapers and ringtone. :)

  2. eddybox
    January 25, 2011

    Thanks for the feedback Pavke. The RSS feed works fine for me in Firefox, but I just tried in Chrome and I think I see what you mean! What browser are you using? Does this link work for you?

  3. Tapio
    January 31, 2011

    The wallpaper looks nice! Now I wish I could get something like that as an live wallpaper on my android phone…
    also a desktop wallpaper of the same kind would be welcome. :)

  4. Opal
    July 21, 2011

    my website is still in progress –

    I wish I could blast your game on my bedroom wall and jump up and down on my bed trying to become the biggest :-)
    You should look into making this an art expo in a huge gallery like the tate modern in London – that would be so awesome and chill!!!:-)

    I am trying to download the ringtone but the link does not work. I am mac and on safari.