Video Contest Winners Announced!

Posted by on Jan 5, 2012 in Love, Osmos | No Comments

As just announced on, we’re pleased to announce the winners of the “Physics of Osmos” video contest!

First prize – and a $500 Amazon gift certificate – is being awarded to Alex Christofferson, a student at
Tatnall school in Wilmington, Delaware. His one minute video is very well presented, and chock full of physics. (It’s also backed up by a lab report containing some amazingly thorough and well-thought-out measurements and analysis!) Here’s his video:

In addition, these three excellent submissions received $50 runner-up prizes:

  • a video by James Lincoln
  • a video by Nicole Morrison
  • a video by David Chenoweth

Thanks to everyone who participated! :)

And many, many thanks to Andrew Vanden Heuvel for running this whole contest! He did everything from conception, to creating the site and video, to organizing and selecting the winners! (All we did was provide the prizes. ;-)) Thanks again, Andrew!

In related news, Mat Jarvis (Microscopics/Gas/High Skies) just posted some great “Tips for a Long and Happy Life”, showing some basic and advanced physics tips on how to Master the Blobiverse. It’s a good thing Mat wasn’t allowed to compete in our contest! ;-)