Osmos 2.2 for iOS

Posted by on Jan 17, 2013 in iPhone/iPad, Osmos | 2 Comments

Hey everyone, we’ve released Osmos version 2.2 on iOS! Here are the details:
(note: for those of you on other platforms, you can see what we’re up to here.)

iPhone 5 support
Osmos now takes full advantage of the iPhone/iPod 5’s bigger screen! More motes, more zen.

Game progress saved in iCloud
Do you play Osmos on multiple devices, or have you migrated to a new phone or tablet? Well, your progress is now seamlessly propagated from device to device via the magic of the cloud! (Note: if you have a device with progress you want to propagate, you need to run Osmos 2.2 on it at least once to get that progress into the cloud.)

iPad – iPhone interplay
iPad players can now send Game Center invitations to iPhone players, and vice versa. We’ve also merged achievements and progress across the two versions.

iOS 6 support + Facebook integration
You can now give a multiplayer shout-out on your Facebook wall in addition to the existing Tweet button. We’ve added some other secret voodoo iOS 6 support under the hood as well.

In-Game News
We’ve added a simple in-game news system that’ll allow us to let folks know about fun multiplayer events, tips and tricks, interesting news, etc.

Steps towards multiplayer rankings
This is another “under the hood” feature. Nothing to show yet, but we’re now gathering all multiplayer session data on our server, which will allow us to authenticate tournament games, rank players in a more interesting fashion, etc. More to come on this topic in the future…

(Oh, and we’d greatly appreciate if you “refreshed” your review on the App Store. Reviews reset on every update, and we work hard on these things! :))

Thanks and happy Osmoting!


  1. Guilz
    February 7, 2013

    Thanks a lot for this great update …and this fabulous game :)


  2. James Beaulieu
    February 8, 2013

    What took so long for the iPhone 5 optimization? I had actually deleted this app but an iCloud restore that I ran reinstalled it. I love the game but with purchased apps I don’t have a ton of patience for a pixel optimization more so because the benefit of the iOS platform is the lack of fragmentation and one of the reasons I love iPhone is because of the timely OS updates and developer support. When it takes 5 months for an app developer to update their app it makes it seem to me that the app developers are not that focused on their product. An example being the Omni Group who develops OmniFocus. Whilest a completely different genre of app they always have an update for a new apple device ready at LAUNCH. That makes me feel like I’ve invested my money wisely and the company takes a lot of pride in their product. That being said, Osmos is a terrific game but it deserves more attention and more timely updates. Terrific apps need terrific support, it’s what makes Apple great and what makes app developers great.