The NEW Karmic Ladder

Posted by on Aug 13, 2015 in Karmaka | No Comments

Here’s another sweet art update for y’all: the NEW “Karmic Ladder”, by Lane Brown.

We had revealed the original Ladder by Marco in the Spring, but over the course of play-testing we’d gotten a not-insignificant amount of feedback saying the Ladder’s “woodcut” style didn’t quite fit the rest of the game’s art style. We had been going for an ancient, somewhat totem-y look, but that didn’t seem to be working for people, so we asked Marco for a retake. Marco’s schedule has been overloaded lately though, so we sought out a second artist to work with, and discovered Lane Brown. And are we ever glad we did, as we love what he’s created! We hope you’ll agree that it’s gorgeous, and matches Marco’s card and box art.

This brings us one awesome step closer to being design & art complete! We’re very close actually, and plan to release a free Print and Play soon. Stay tuned for more details…