Karmaka Print and Play

Posted by on Aug 28, 2015 in Karmaka | 2 Comments

This is a BIG moment in Karmaka’s development: we’re releasing a free Print and Play (PnP) of the game! You can download it from this page.

For those unfamiliar with the PnP concept, it’s analogous to the free demo of a video-game. Download the files to your computer, print up the various components (cards, rules, etc.), and play!

We would LOVE to hear your feedback on the PnP, whether you actually print and play the game or if you just download and peruse the files on your computer. How does everything look? Is it all clear? Spot any typos? Most importantly… was it fun??? We’re hoping to do a small, “preview” production run of the game soon, so your feedback would be incredibly useful!

Email us, comment below, post on our Facebook page – we want to hear from you!

Thanks, and happy playing!



  1. Erik Balgård
    August 28, 2015

    Guess the cards are half greyed out to incent people to buy the finished product?

    • eddybox
      August 28, 2015

      @Erik: Partially, but even more so to prevent the game from being printed by a 3rd party. Most free PnPs are limited in some way. Often it’s by limiting gameplay (eg. only releasing a subset of the cards), but we didn’t want to do that. Some PnPs are greyed entirely, but Marco and Lane’s art and use of color is so gorgeous we wanted to show at least some of it. Half-greyed seemed like a decent compromise. Hopefully it isn’t too distracting! :)