2015 Highlights: Karmaka at Boston Festival of Indie Games

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One of the key highlights this year for Karmaka was the opportunity to attend the Boston Festival of Indie Games on MIT campus in Cambridge in September. The game had been chosen to appear with about 50 other titles as part of the festival’s tabletop showcase.

After working with Eddy and Marco on Karmaka for nearly two years, we felt proud of our work and were excited to share this game we love with the crowds at BFIG.

My good friend, fellow card gamer, and assistant evangelist for the weekend Nate Enkel and I hopped in a car and drove from Toronto to Boston. It’s a deadshot drive east along I-90 through upstate New York (which is absolutely gorgeous in the fall).

Dave, ready to show off Karmaka!

The tabletop showcase floor was packed with interesting new games and it was rad trying out some of the work from fellow indie tabletop developers. Made some great new friends! Be sure to check out Jake Given’s Dragoon, Michael Orion’s Aura and Tony Tran’s Avalanche. Also of note is Tim Blank’s Oh My Gods! (who we’ll be seeing again at PAX South Tabletop Showcase later this month — more on this later)!

We shared the game over the weekend with a plethora of interested players and were thrilled to receive two awards during the awards ceremony at the end of the weekend.
Karmaka walked away with two ‘Figgies’ awards — Best in Show and Best Artwork! Huzzah!

Overall, a great weekend sharing the tabletop love and a wonderful litmus test for the game.

Karmaka won ‘Best in Show’ and ‘Best Artwork’!

Dave at the awards show

Up next… Karmaka at PAX South!