Box Art!

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Box Art!

Hey everyone, here’s a short and sweet post to show the box art Marco has done for Karmaka! We’re really happy with it! What do you think?

Karmaka Theme and Zen Kōans

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Karmaka Theme and Zen Kōans

Our game Karmaka has, from the beginning, been themed on the concept of Karma. This has driven the design of the game’s mechanics, as we’ve tried to capture and reflect the concept of “Karmic Justice” and the whole “what goes around comes around” concept. It has also driven the game’s multiple-lives structure, working your way […]

How to Play Karmaka

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In part 1 of this series we explained the goal and overall game structure of Karmaka, and presented the Karmic Ladder. In part 2 we presented the cards, including the three card colors, their point values, and their abilities. Here, in part 3, we’re going to put it all together and explain how the game […]

Terminal City and Proto-Alley

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Terminal City and Proto-Alley

Dave and I attended the Terminal City tabletop convention (TCTC) in Vancouver last weekend to show our game Karmaka. TCTC dedicates a section of the convention to something they call “Proto-Alley”, an area where designers can show their games-in-development to folks looking to try out cool, new games before the rest of the World has […]

The Cards of Karmaka

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Welcome to part 2/3 of “How Karmaka Works.” Last time we described the Karmic Ladder and the overall structure of the game. Today we’ll dive into the cards themselves, which make up the meat of the game. Each card has a color, a point value, a name, and an ability.  Examples below: There are three card […]

Karmaka and the Karmic Ladder

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Karmaka and the Karmic Ladder

This is the first in a series of three short posts that delve into the mechanics of our upcoming card game, Karmaka. The game has some unique and juicy mechanics that strongly reflect its karmic “what goes around comes around” theme, and we’re excited to start sharing them with you. Today we’ll start with the […]

USD! USD! A Kickstarter Request

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We plan on running a Kickstarter campaign soon for a game in development. We also live in Canada. That means our pledge prices will all be listed in CAD (Canadian Dollars) rather than USD. Creators in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand are similarly bound to their country’s currencies. Let’s face it: the majority of […]

Tabletop Resources for Videogame Developers

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Dave and I are relatively old hands in the videogame industry. Between AAA and indie projects we’ve each been at it for over 10 years. But, aside from some hobbyist design, neither of us knew much about the tabletop game industry until we got serious about publishing Karmaka. Over the last 6 months we’ve done […]

New Game Announcement: Karmaka

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New Game Announcement: Karmaka

At long last, we’re ready to announce a new game – one we’ve been working on for roughly a year now: Karmaka. We’ve put together this initial website dedicated to the game where you can see some art, an overview of the game, our rough plans, the team, etc. We’d love to hear what you […]

New Game, New Website

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It’s been quiet on this blog for a while, but that’s going to change soon, as we’re preparing to announce a new game! More on that soon. For now I’ll just say it’s a card/board/tabletop game (yup, a real, physical game!), though we plan to release a digital version of it as well. Anyways, you […]

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