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IGF Winner (D2D Vision Award) IGN Editor's Choice Awards Selected for the PAX 10 Nominated for 'Best Indie Game' in the Spike'09 Video Game Awards IndieCade Best in Show

Enter the ambient world of Osmos: elegant, physics-based gameplay, dreamlike visuals, and a minimalist, electronic soundtrack.

Your objective is to grow by absorbing other motes. Propel yourself by ejecting matter behind you. But be wise: ejecting matter also shrinks you. Relax… good things come to those who wait.

Progress from serenely ambient levels into varied and challenging worlds. Confront attractors, repulsors and intelligent motes with similar abilities and goals as you.

only $10

Why buy Osmos?

  • New challenges await: more level types, mote types, achievements, puzzles and more (47 levels, plus unlockable bonus content).
  • Osmos is 100% DRM and region free.
  • Sublime electronic soundtrack by Loscil, Gas/High Skies, Julien Neto, Biosphere, and more.
  • Procedural generation: play random versions of any level.
  • Buying directly from Hemisphere Games entitles you to all three versions (PC, Mac and Linux) for only $10.
  • Limited time offer: buying directly from Hemisphere Games gets you a free copy of the latest album by High Skies, Sounds of Earth
  • Support direct from the developers.

Is there a demo of Osmos I can try first?

Yes, but don’t let it fool you. The game starts gently, but there are some truly difficult levels later on in the full game.

Windows PC Demo
Mac Mac Demo
Linux Linux Demo (.deb, 32bit .rpm, 64bit .rpm, or .tar.gz)


8.5/10 – Editor’s Choice Award – “a beautiful, absorbing experience… brilliant to look at… the best videogame music I’ve heard… will make you forget your cares and immerse you in the game… you’ll find yourself returning for the experience.”   -IGN

4.8/5 – “I believe I’ve run out of adjectives to describe this game. From start to end, it is a fluid mass of gaming goodness… I can say nothing better than go, go now and purchase this game. I think you’ll find that Osmos is truly unlike any gaming experience you’ve ever had.”   -Jay is Games

9/10 – Editor’s Choice, Game of the Month – “Osmos’ presentation is brilliant… gripping”   -GameTunnel

“wonderful gameplay… beautifully polished and tantalisingly atmospheric… Osmos mixes puzzle, action and strategy remarkably and all the while does it with great finesse and style.”   -indiegames.com

91 – “It’s moving in every sense of the word.”   -A.V.Club

95% – “An absolute delight! Expect countless hours of fun enveloped in an impressive soundscape.”   -GamingXP

91% – “Osmos is an amazing and highly acclaimed game that many people have just never heard of, which is a shame because it is one of the few games to offer a balance between the challenge hardcore gamers want as well as the easy accessibility that casual gamers desire.”   -Associated Content

4.5/5 – “Equal parts hypnotic and majestic, Osmos takes zen gaming to a whole new level. Osmos offers up a tremendous bag of tricks that make this title stand out amongst its peers.”   -Gamezebo

9/10 – “addictive and emotional and singularly satisfying… lush, organic… Osmos should be a shoe-in for consideration as 2009′s casual game of the year.”   -Ace Gamez

A – “Whether it’s relaxing meditation or challenging gameplay you seek, Osmos has you covered. Hemisphere Games has produced a zen gaming experience unmatched by any developer before it. For the price, Osmos is the perfect end to a long work day or stressful gaming session.”   -Dan Carew, Blast Magazine

8.5/10 – “Osmos is a great game (and is a great bargain, at only $10US) that will challenge the puzzle-solving skills of even the best gamers, as ambient gaming enters a new cosmos with Osmos.”   -The Armchair Empire

88% – “The most relaxing game in the whole (c)osmos. Ranging from a simple pleasure cruise to a edge-of-the-seat skill-based game, this is definitely worth the low US$9.99 pricetag – you’d expect to pay this much just for the soundtrack – and if my experience has proven anything it’s that you’ll keep coming back to it time and time again.”   -Atomic MPC

9/10 – “Osmos is an excellent game. I would only hesitate to recommend this to the most diehard ambient music hater, and I imagine such a person would be too angry for video games anyway.”   -BigPond GameArena

“fascinating… an absolute blast to play… creative, entertaining, and calming all in one go… It is easily worth your $10″   -BigDownload

84% – “deceptively engaging… endless replayability… $10 is a bargain for such a creative and addictive title.”   -GamingTrend

“beyond doubt, a work of genius… a relaxing, meditative experience about going with the flow… very ethereal feel to the design… It all adds up to something otherworldly and just . . . incredible.”   -GameAndPlayer.net

“a game that is both engaging and challenging, but simple enough for anyone to grasp. Osmos is a clever change of pace that seems to fill a need that most of us don’t even know we have. It allows you to really sit down and relax with a game.”   -TopTenREVIEWS

8.5/10 – “The best compliment I can give this game is that I play it 6 or 7 times a day… Osmos is a must.”   -ZTGameDomain

“…gamers should snap this one up immediately and consider themselves lucky. The extremely bargain priced Osmos is a great example of the kind of innovation and execution that makes videogames great. Calling it “art” isn’t fair to Osmos, since the connotation then becomes something to ogle instead of something to roll up one’s sleeves and dive into.”   -Game Vortex

8.4/10 – “every once in a while there comes a real gem of a game that makes my job just that little bit more worth while.”   -MEGamers

8/10 – “engaging and addicting… a very entertaining game… don’t let the ambient feel fool you; this game isn’t going to let you relax all the way through.”   -DarkZero

4/5 green pixels – “quite easily one of the most beautiful and laid back strategy games I’ve ever seen… an extremely creative game that I highly recommend. Spend the $10 for a full-download. It’s worth it.”   -GreenPixels

“interesting playmodes and a highly polished-looking feel… simple and gorgeous… We say: ‘Buy it!’”   -Bytejacker (video review)

9.75/10 – “… a beautifully put together game. The game is simple, stylish, clean and addictive to play”   -indiegamemag.com

“The most chill and addicting game I have ever played. My intent was to play a few minutes of Osmos to check it out and then finish watching Battlestar Galactica season 1. Several hours after starting I was still happily engrossed in Osmos. This deserves a little repeating – Osmos trumped BSG.”   -Troll in the Corner

7/8 – “A distinctive puzzle game… It’s like Katamari in space.”   -Out of Eight

“…an outstanding game. At only $10 direct from the developers you can’t go wrong. This is a game which shows how strong the indie games scene is on the PC right now. Buy it and enjoy it.”   -The Reticule

“an almost transcendental video game experience… a stellar example of electronic music’s potential impact on indie video game production.”   -londonfuse.ca

“beautiful looking… a deceptively smart game… different to many of the larger mainstream games”   -dealspwn

“Osmos truly is a unique blend of problem solving and relaxation… a title that will have you glued to the screen with its addictive, trance-like gameplay.”   -GamerHome

92% – “Osmos is an amazing game. Creative, original, and very calming, just watching somebody else play is a treat… I highly recommend buying this piece of digital nature.”   -zConnection

Editor’s Pick Award – “A game should be relaxing, entertaining and addictive. Osmos is all these and even more.”   -FamousWhy

9.3/10 – “Fantastically presented manipulations of time, physics and evolution.”   -AxonLocus


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