About Hemisphere

Hemisphere Games is:

Eddy Boxerman (aka eddybox) got his professional start in the games industry as a physics/animation programmer, but his interest and excitement for game design and the larger creative process involved in making games led him to strike out for indie shores and found Hemisphere Games. First came Osmos. These days he’s co-creating Karmaka with Dave Burke and helping Steve Swink on Scale. He previously spent several years at Ubisoft Montreal on the Splinter Cell franchise, along with more esoteric jobs over the years.

Dave Burke was, in a previous life, an Unreal Engine 3 developer at Epic Games and worked on the Gears of War and Unreal Tournament franchises. He joined ship for the IGF 2009 crunch and submission of Osmos, and continued to work away at the core of Osmos over years of ports, zen-polish, and multiplayer excitement. These days he is co-creating Karmaka, creating slick game engine tech, and inventing new game prototypes that will be your favourite games of tomorrow.

Along with some exceptionally talented friends and collaborators…

On Karmaka:

Marco Bucci: When Marco’s not inside painting, he’s likely outside painting. He is a passionate artist, and has always been fascinated with understanding how light and colour works. Marco uses this as the emotional charge behind his illustrations and fine art. He has worked on a wide range of media, from film and game concept art, to children’s book illustration. Marco joins Dave and Eddy on Karmaka, lending his personal art style to the game’s visual identity.

On Osmos:

Kun Chang is a film and art director (Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell, numerous documentaries…), as well as concept artist (The Fifth Element, Star Wars, Hellboy 2, and more). Kun created the artwork behind all those wonderful motes.

Aaron Barsky has one foot planted in Bioinformatics, another foot planted in video games, and yet another planted in various app development projects, including Color Thief. Back when we were overly focused on silly Windows machines, Aaron came onboard and showed us the light, bringing Osmos to OS X, the iPad, and the iPhone.

Andy Nealen is an assistant professor at NYU with interests in design, computer graphics, games, perception, and more. He offered enthusiasm and advice in the early development of Osmos, and lent his fingers and mind to the IGF 2008 submission. (Yes, it had been in development that long.)

Mat Jarvis aka Gas, aka High Skies, is a sound magician with class. Two tracks, along with several sound effects, osmoted their way from his Microscopics studio into the game that is Osmos. Mat became much more involved in the development of the multiplayer version of Osmos once we discovered his amazing artistic / photoshop talents! He spearheaded a serious overhaul of the UI, including all the new achievements, widgets, screens, aurora-walls, etc.

Owen DeWitt aka grimsheep, is a wicked illustrator and vinyl toy sculptor. He created the Osmos logo and crosshair, and has done a lot of work on another Hemisphere game that is still waiting in the wings…