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Video Contest Winners Announced!

As just announced on physicsofosmos.com, we’re pleased to announce the winners of the “Physics of Osmos” video contest! First prize – and a $500 Amazon gift certificate – is being awarded to Alex Christofferson, a student at Tatnall school in Wilmington, Delaware. His one minute video is very well presented, and chock full of physics. [...]

Humble Indie Bundle #2

Another exciting announcement folks: along with Braid, Machinarium, Cortex Command and Revenge of the Titans, Osmos is part of the sequel to the Humble Indie Bundle! There are a ton of amazing things about this bundle (pay what you want, supporting charity, etc. etc.), but the best – and most entertaining – way to get [...]

Osmos 66%-off sale continues, adding iPad, and… a condition!

Thank you Osmos fans. The 66% off sale returned Osmos for iPhone to the top 10 list. And of course, we’d like to keep it there! Pricing on the App Store is a regularly debated topic. Many people say to us “If you can charge 1/3 the price and sell ten times the copies, why [...]

GDC 2010

Has it only been four seasons since last GDC? Hard to believe – it seems like so much has happened since then! Anyways, we’re taking off for San Francisco tomorrow. Andy and I will be giving a talk on Wednesday about Osmos and game design minimalism. (We’ll post the slides after GDC.) Besides that, just [...]