Indie iPhone Holiday Sale!

Posted by on Dec 20, 2010 in iPhone/iPad, Love, Osmos | One Comment

‘Tis the season… to bundle wonderful indie games! A number of us have gathered together for an iPhone holiday sale in a similar spirit to the Humble Indie Bundle. Here’s the scoop:

  • There are six games in the “bundle”, although each are sold separately on the App Store: Osmos, Canabalt, Eliss, Drop7, Solipskier and Spider.
  • Each game is on sale for 99 cents! (Normally $2.99 or $4.99 each.)
  • 1/3 of all revenue will be donated to the Child’s Play charity.

Visit for all the details, including some sweet new iOS wallpapers and ringtones from the games involved!

1 Comment

  1. Le Mag
    February 5, 2011

    I have all of this games. =)