Osmos 2.3 for iOS

Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in iPhone/iPad, Osmos | No Comments

Hey everyone, just a quick post about our latest iOS Osmos update. The main additions are:

Multi-language support
You can now play Osmos in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and… Inuktitut! The story behind the Inuktitut translation is an interesting one actually. Big thanks to Nicolas Simon (a Master’s student in translation studies at the University of Brest, France) for the French translation, and the folks at U-TRAX for the other 6 languages.
Note: Osmos will “auto-detect” your device’s language, though you can manually select language via Osmos’s settings menu.

4 New Achievements
One in single-player (“There can be only one!”), and 3 in multiplayer (2 new ranks, and one for participating in a tie game).

Plus misc tweaks ‘n’ fixes.

Thanks and happy Osmoting! Oh, and don’t forget to “refresh” your reviews. :)