Osmos Rage, part 4: Roadside Assistance

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Osmos Rage, part 4: Roadside Assistance

Given the Achievement stats on Steam, it’s pretty clear that the last few Force levels are where people are really getting stuck. In particular, F3A-3 and F3C-3. (F3A-2 is a fair bit easier since version 1.6.0.) So let’s dive right in. (Now might be a good time to make a pot of tea.) F3A-3 Zen […]

Osmos Rage, part 3: The Perversity of Inanimate Objects

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Welcome to part 3/4 of our “Osmos Rage” series. We introduced the topic in part 1, announced a video contest in part 2, and today we explain why the game gets “so bloody hard” in the end. Believe it or not, our primary motives were a) truth and b) respect. Truth: to the game concept […]

Osmos Rage, part 2: The Bait and Switch, and… Revenge!

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The last few levels in Osmos get hard. They’ve induced rage in some gamers and in more than one reviewer. (See the previous post for the full introduction.) Before we offer explanations or further remedies, we want to harness that rage. Prior to our recent difficulty adjustments, user jnfenrir began a thread on the Steam […]

Osmos Rage, part 1: Welcome to Hell

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Since we released Osmos in August, we’ve been getting mostly great feedback from players and reviewers alike. Mostly. There is however one complaint that we see regularly, and very vocally: Rage. “I’m done with Osmos. Done. F3A-3 is no fun.” -RSHabroptilus, Steam forums “… playing Osmos was like getting knocked out by a sharp kick […]